Money Saving Certificates


These "Customer / Employee" Loyalty Money Saving Certificates are a must  for EVERYBODY!!  The least expensive advertising/marketing plan you'll ever have the opportunity to take advantage of...Just $100.00 to $300.00 per year to gain or keep loyal customers, leads and/or employees. Contact me for more details and get started.

Brenda Patterson: bpatterson@design-accents.com   888-887-7070 phone/fax

For $100.00 to $300.00 a year, you can give away as many of these certificates you need for one full year!   And "Your Name" will be on each and every one of them. Your customers and/or employees will know exactly who they have to thank :-)

Each certificate is good for one full year after recipient has registered the certificate.   And...if your recipient chooses to give their certificate to a loved one or friend...that's OK too! Your recipient will definitely let them know who gave them this valuable Money Saving Certificate.


Choose the groceries you want, when you want for a full year...the brand names you know and love!  

You decide where you want to go to eat...fast food or your choice of your favorite restaurant. You have one full year to use this Money Saving Certificate!

Need a quick getaway? You decide where you want to go. You have one full year to make that cool decision!

Need an 8 day/7 night vacation...in the US or internationally....you decide! You have one full year - 365 days - to decide where and when you want to go!